Thursday, November 5, 2015

What Have I Been doing w/this Quilt?

Good question!  I have been continuing to sew blocks.  But somewhere along the way, I lost my "mo-jo" The fabrics just didn't "light up my life", if you know what I mean.  The background fabric I chose is just to light ... it has no pzazz!

My mind is thinking that I want to do this quilt as a sampler .... all different colors ... like an old time sampler quilt.

 I will be starting from scratch again .... figuring out what blocks I want to start with.  Maybe just start in the beginning .... and take them as they come.  I really love a lot of the blocks ... but maybe I need to focus on a theme from the patterns in this book.  Maybe make all the blocks from different battles, or different states.  Not be afraid of the paper pieced blocks.  Maybe make all the blocks ... but make more than one sampler quilt? Yeah, I am laughing at that one too.  lol

So many decisions ..... probably won't tackle this problem until after the Holidays.  Or boredom sets in and I need to work on something ....

Maybe I'll still try and make a block a month ................ got a lot of figuring out to do.