Thursday, November 5, 2015

What Have I Been doing w/this Quilt?

Good question!  I have been continuing to sew blocks.  But somewhere along the way, I lost my "mo-jo" The fabrics just didn't "light up my life", if you know what I mean.  The background fabric I chose is just to light ... it has no pzazz!

My mind is thinking that I want to do this quilt as a sampler .... all different colors ... like an old time sampler quilt.

 I will be starting from scratch again .... figuring out what blocks I want to start with.  Maybe just start in the beginning .... and take them as they come.  I really love a lot of the blocks ... but maybe I need to focus on a theme from the patterns in this book.  Maybe make all the blocks from different battles, or different states.  Not be afraid of the paper pieced blocks.  Maybe make all the blocks ... but make more than one sampler quilt? Yeah, I am laughing at that one too.  lol

So many decisions ..... probably won't tackle this problem until after the Holidays.  Or boredom sets in and I need to work on something ....

Maybe I'll still try and make a block a month ................ got a lot of figuring out to do.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Back in the Swing of Things!!

Sorry, but sewing gets in the way of blogging.  I have been very busy working on lots of different things.  Check out my other blog @  Serendipity in Quilting and see what I have been working on.   For some reason I can't pick up my hyperlink and transfer it here for an easy look.  lol  This computer has a mind of it's own sometimes.  But if you check under "My Blog List" I'm there for an easy find.

So.  pictures of my latest blocks ...............

Left to right .... B-2, A-10, H-10 on top

J-7, D-10, AND J-6 at the bottom

Sorry, they look a little blurry .. my camera was also not co-operating with me today either.

Haven't pulled next blocks .... I am contemplating re-doing a couple of the blocks I have done .... it's that OCD thing .... I have plenty of time to get this quilt completed if I want to show it in our 2016 guild Quilt Show .... so I really want them as perfect as I can do.

Signing out for now ....  thanks for stopping.

Monday, June 1, 2015

J-5, A-8, & A-11

Finally got organized and posting more of my Loyal Union Blocks.  I have had these done for probably 3 months, but, I am a putter-offer.  It took me all of 5 minutes to take these pictures and download them on my computer .  DUH!!!

I don't have much to say about the building of these blocks, as I have a hard enough time remembering what I did yesterday.

So, without further "a-do", here are 3 more of the Loyal Union Blocks I have chosen for my sampler quilt.




I mentioned how I was choosing my blocks.  To make it somewhat fun for me ... and unpredictable, I have put numbered pieces of paper in an envelope and pull one out to see what will be my next block.  Otherwise I am sure I would tackle all the "easier" ones.  I am finding even the "easier" ones have their own set of problems for me.

So, the next block I pulled is:  B-2, Camp Curtin.

After that will be block:         A-10, Broken Path

  Final one for now is block:    H-10, Pinwheel Star

Thank you for stopping by ...

Please stop by my other blog. to see my post on a quick and easy table topper!

Monday, April 27, 2015


Just to update you on my disappearance in a few short words.  lol  I have been busy sewing and making quilts and American Girl Doll Clothes.  I haven't been able to post anything as everything is a surprise for a granddaughter who will be celebrating her First Communion in a couple of weeks.

I have a couple of blocks to post ... but haven't had a chance to get that done.  Hopefully soon after our trip to Missouri, and I have recuperated .... I can get my act together and get caught up to where I want to be.

Thanks for stopping by ... I will return on this quilt adventure  .... hope you can join me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

K-6 ..... WINDMILL

I am finding that maybe the hardest part of this sampler quilt is actually the posting of my completed blocks.  I really like the sewing part, but I am definitely putting off the posting part.  I now have 5 blocks completed, but am only posting about my second block at this time.  I'll blame the cold, nasty winter weather here in Ohio for not having the ambition to post.  LOL
So, the next lucky block to be chosen in my Loyal Union Sampler Quilt is Block K-6 ... "Windmill".  Thank goodness I pulled another easy block to start my adventure into quilt sampler land.  I close my eyes and pull out a block number from my envelope and say a silent prayer, please let this be another easy block.  LOL
I think another hard part of this journey right now is picking which fabrics from my sampler stash I will use.  I have my design wall up and my block placements numbered.  This gives me an idea what  fabrics used in my blocks will play nicely next to each other.  But, again, I think I have some really nice fabrics and I want to see them all at once in my blocks.  Oh well, this is suppose to be a slow, enjoyable journey, so I'll just have to maybe make some good fabric choices for each of them.

Okay, so far so good!  Easy layout, and they match!!

Everything lined up, I am a happy camper.

Number 2 block is completed .... now the envelope please ..... which one will be the next block?
It looks like the next block to be sewn will be J-5, Timepiece.  Now I am getting into the tricky ones, at least for me.  The dreaded flying geese ... this has not been one of my favorite things in the past to make.  As I stated earlier in my post, I have already made this, and I will be posting about the fun I had with this one.  Or, maybe by the time I post again, I will have made this block one more time.
Oh, the suspense of it all!! 
Thanks for stopping.


Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Plan!

Talk about not having my "ducks" in order .... I don't know how I missed this one .. actually wrote it; then forgot to post it?  Again, it has to be the Ohio winter.  Stay with me,  I'll get better. LOL

One would think that you should have your plan in play before you actually start your project.  I had a sort of plan in my head, but didn't have it quite worked out.  I was in such a hurry to get at least one of my Loyal Union Blocks made, that I hadn't worked out my "plan" of attack.

Before I picked another block to do, I had to get "my plan" laid out. So,  I constructed a diagram with block numbers of all the blocks I need to do, and printed out the block numbers and organized them on my "design wall". I left  enough room  between blocks to hang the finished 6" block under their corresponding block numbers. This is important because I want to make sure all the fabrics in the blocks can "play" well together.  Also to make sure that I am not making the same color choices of  "touching blocks.

That done .... how do I pick what block I need to do?  I have this weird mind that wants to make it some kind of game.  What better way than to put each block number on a piece of paper ... then draw to see what block number will be the one I make.  You have to have a little fun in what you do, I think!!

My second block to make will be block K-6.  It is called the Windmill Block, probably because it looks like a windmill.  I don't know for sure, since I have not read The Loyal Union Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts, written by Jennifer Chiaverini; but, I am thinking maybe these blocks play a role in this book?  I'll keep my mind open for hints to this.  LOL

Here is my design wall ....

I have my first finished block done, I-3, and hung on the wall.  This K-6 block hangs just to the right of it in the row below.  I figured I would just attach my blocks alphabetically as they are listed in the book.  My hope is to show my design wall and placement of blocks as I do them.  To the left is my envelope with the block numbers that I will draw from.  I promise, I will not cheat and put back a block number that I don't want at the moment.  Pinky swear.... LOL

I guess we are having the calm before the winter storm right now here in sunny and cold  Northern Ohio.  Probably would be a great time to pick my fabrics for block K-6,  and maybe get them cut out.  Who knows, maybe I will even get it sewn!!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thank You Reader!

Thank you to a reader's comment on my previous post.  They asked if I had read the book that this quilt came from?  Well, no I hadn't.  I just wanted to make this beautiful quilt.  Why hadn't I been interested in its origin?  I usually have to know the why of what I am doing.
Off to the library.  I must confess I am only on the first chapter.  I have to finish a crochet afghan that I am making for my daughter, and my deadline I made for myself is to have it done by this Saturday. LOL 
The book, "The Union Quilters", by Jennifer Chiaverini, is a novel during the Civil War era taking place in her Elm Creek Valley series.  From her Loyal Union Sampler Quilt Book's introduction,  she writes: "to raise money to build a hall of their own, the Union Quilters embark upon an ambitious plan to create the Loyal Union Sampler". She also explains, the Union Quilters "invite every woman in the Elm Creek Valley to contribute a 6" patchwork block of her own design or favorite traditional pattern".  "Further, they ask each participant to provide templates and instructions on how to complete the blocks". Ms. Chiaverini adds that " the fortunate winner would claim the quilt, templates, and instructions, thus winning a lovely quilt as well as an extraordinary catalog of quilt patterns".
The Union Quilters novel is about more than a quilt. It delves into the lives of these women's involvement during the Civil War.  I can't wait to get back to the book and meet these women. 
This statement at the end of Jennifer Chiaverini's introduction says it all about us quilters: 

"As quilters across the country and around the world, united we stand!  ------
                                                      Jennifer Chiaverini