Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thank You Reader!

Thank you to a reader's comment on my previous post.  They asked if I had read the book that this quilt came from?  Well, no I hadn't.  I just wanted to make this beautiful quilt.  Why hadn't I been interested in its origin?  I usually have to know the why of what I am doing.
Off to the library.  I must confess I am only on the first chapter.  I have to finish a crochet afghan that I am making for my daughter, and my deadline I made for myself is to have it done by this Saturday. LOL 
The book, "The Union Quilters", by Jennifer Chiaverini, is a novel during the Civil War era taking place in her Elm Creek Valley series.  From her Loyal Union Sampler Quilt Book's introduction,  she writes: "to raise money to build a hall of their own, the Union Quilters embark upon an ambitious plan to create the Loyal Union Sampler". She also explains, the Union Quilters "invite every woman in the Elm Creek Valley to contribute a 6" patchwork block of her own design or favorite traditional pattern".  "Further, they ask each participant to provide templates and instructions on how to complete the blocks". Ms. Chiaverini adds that " the fortunate winner would claim the quilt, templates, and instructions, thus winning a lovely quilt as well as an extraordinary catalog of quilt patterns".
The Union Quilters novel is about more than a quilt. It delves into the lives of these women's involvement during the Civil War.  I can't wait to get back to the book and meet these women. 
This statement at the end of Jennifer Chiaverini's introduction says it all about us quilters: 

"As quilters across the country and around the world, united we stand!  ------
                                                      Jennifer Chiaverini

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